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First Warm Spring Day

Well, after an excruciatingly long winter, spring is finally making an appearance. It’s officially been here for over a week, but it’s been very cold and windy. I was happy to see that the bees survived the winter. Today was warm (for here — 42F) and sunny in the afternoon, and they were out and flying around. They seemed to be having a tussle of some sort at the hive entrance. I wish I knew what that was about.
They were all over the Winter Aconite that’s blooming now. We have a lot, although I’m not sure how much pollen they’ll actually get from it. Now I’m looking forward to looking inside the hive as soon as it warms up a little more, to see how much food they used over the winter.

Bee on the Winter Aconite

Winter Aconite glowing like neon because my camera was set to overexpose.

Honeybee Tussle

Are they removing a dead bee? That would make sense, but it appeared to be alive.

Some Late Summer Flowers

Today was a gorgeous day and the light was so beautiful that I had to take a few photos.

First days with bees: May 23 – June 9

I brought my nuc home on May 23. It was late, and I was in a hurry to get the bees into the hive. Since I was hurrying, I didn’t see the queen.

nucleus hive, honeybees

This was the only photo I got. I was preoccupied with getting them into the hive.

10 days later, I opened the hive for the first time. I found the queen, capped brood, pollen, nectar. I didn’t check all of the frames because I didn’t want to leave the hive open too long.

The queen has the yellow dot.

Today, I went back to check their progress and found new comb, eggs, more brood and many, many new bees. I added a box of frames to the top, I’m not sure if I’m a bit early doing this, but I don’t want to open the hive excessively.

Lots and lots of new bees.

You can’t see it, but there are eggs in there!

They’ve been busy in the last few days.

Lots of capped brood in this frame.